Your Ultimate Jacket Measurement Guide

A quintessential item in any wardrobe and a key layering piece, a well-fitting jacket or coat is what you need to look sharp and stay comfortable. But how to measure jacket size?

Well, before you use a jacket size calculator or refer to a men’s jacket size chart or any women’s jacket size chart, you will always need a handful of body measurements.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to take these vital measurements correctly to find the perfect jacket fit for you. Let’s get started.



Things To Note

In order to take perfect body measurements, you will be needing a non-stretchable cloth measuring tape, pen, and paper to take note of your measurements, and someone to help you in getting measured.

Do make sure you are wearing snug pants and a nice, fitted t-shirt without any additional layers over it. Stand up straight and relaxed. Don’t tuck in your tummy or push out.

  1. Neck: How To Measure Neck For Jacket?

By placing the tape measure around the circumference of your neck and placing your index and middle finger below the tape measure to allow some ease you’ll find your neck measurement

  1. Shoulders: How To Measure Shoulder For Jacket?

Place the tape on top of the shoulders and measure from the edge of the left shoulder across the back of the neck continuing to the edge of the right shoulder.

  1. Sleeves: How To Measure Sleeve Length For Jacket?

Place the tape measure at the edge of your shoulder and guide it down your arm finishing at the wrist of your desired length.

  1. Biceps – How To Measure Biceps For Jacket?

By placing the tape measure around the circumference of your bicep, that is the fullest part of your upper arm you will get your biceps measurement

  1. Chest or Bust – How To Measure Chest Size For Jacket?

Measure the circumference by wrapping the tape around the fullest part of the chest or bust for an accurate measurement.Make sure that the tape is leveled all the way around.

  1. Natural Waist: How To Measure Upper Waist For Jacket

The natural waist or upper waist is the smallest area of the waist and is usually an inch or two above the belly button. It can also be located easily by bending toward one side. Measure the circumference around this area to get your lower waist measurement.

  1. Lower Waist: How To Measure Lower Waist For Jacket

Unlike the natural waist, the lower waist is measured at the widest part of the waist and is usually at the belly button or just below. Locate the area and measure the circumference around it to get your lower waist measurement.

  1. Center Back – How To Measure Length Of Jacket?

The best way to determine the length of your jacket is to get your center back measurement. Place the tape at the center back of your neck or shoulder blade and guide the tape vertically to the center point of your waist or to where you need your hemline to end.

  1. Hips: How To Measure Hips For Jacket

For jackets longer in length that rest on the widest part of your hip, you will need the right hip measurement as well. You can get this measurement by measuring the circumference around the fullest part of your hips.

  1. Wrist: How To Measure Wrist For Jacket Sleeves

The sleeves are tapered to the wrist and a wrist can be said to be the narrowest part of the sleeve. Place the tape measure around the circumference of your wrist that is exactly above your wrist bone, and you will get your wrist measurement

  1. Sleeve Inseam: How To Measure Inseam For Jacket

To measure your inseam, put on a jacket that has the right sleeve length for you. Place one end of the measuring tape along the inside edge where it meets the armscye and go all the way down to the sleeve hem to get the sleeve inseam for the jacket

Ending Note:

There you have it, all the measurements required for a nice, well-fitting jacket or coat. These instructions show how to take accurate body measurements so that you can find the best-fitting garment, whether it’s an available size or one tailored specifically for your needs

It’s also important to always look at the measuring unit on a sizing chart. Most commonly a jacket size chart US will be in inches due to the imperial system of measurement considered as a standard. In European countries & the UK, the metric system is official so chances that a jacket size chart UK will be in cm so make sure which one applies where before buying!


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